Whining doe not get us anywhere!

I keep reading messages posted on this type of clubs where Fathers, including myself, are whinning about the system and how unfair things are, etc.

I live in the state of Georgia and filed for the custody of my children for reasons ranging from borderline neglect, abuse of power that affected the children, to the children right out asking me to please fight for them.

My children were both under 14, so according to the law in Georgia they cannot decide where they want to live. I filed for a modification of custody and after almost 2 years, I was awarded custody only to lose custody immediately simply because she asked for a new trial.

The new trial hearing was done and the children were awarded to me for a second time only to lose custody again because she filed for an appeal. That’s the brilliant law in Georgia.

Now it will be 3 years into the custody battle and still awaiting for the supreme court to make a decision. I can’t count all times I had to apply for fast loans from this website! But I had no other choice when I desperately needed cash. How is the well being of the children being served when it takes more than 3 years to solve a custody battle?

However, my children who want this over and want to live with me, have to sit and wait for our case to be heard on the Atlanta appeals court while a little Cuban boy and his father get priority.

How dare this government tell us that the most important thing to them is ‘What is best for the children’. If you look at my case as a sample, and I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of similar situations throughout the nation, how can we even believe in the system?

I see all these politicians either defending Elian to stay or defending the ‘Fathers Rights’. When was the last time you saw any of these politicians defend the ‘American Fathers Rights’?

When are we going to stop whining and doing something about it? With the Elian case in the public eye it would be the perfect opportunity to gather hundreds or better thousands of Fathers at the Atlanta Supreme Court building and protest. I bet you we would get some attention specially if we could gather a large crowd.

I have worked with Darnall

His approach is excellent and his book has helped lots of my fathers.
I know that he has done some traveling, but I also suspect the he is on the expensive side.

Our organization works very hard to help fathers with issues of custody. We beleive that the approach taken by most governmental organizations, such as the the typical domestic relations office, and many of the basic republicans who want to see child support collected to the maximum so that the money can go to pay for welfare don’t care about custody issues at all. They just want the money.

Look at the politicians who are upset about the Elian situation. I suggest that these are the same politicians who are behind the responsible fatherhood act. which has nothing to do with fathers getting custody.

Our feelings are that custody is every bit as important as child support. They go hand in hand. Research clearly shows that fathers who receive custody pay their child support. What is so difficult about understanding this equation.
If custody becomes our primary goal, we will also see improved child support collections.