Never give up!

I just got the invite that was left for me earlier this month because I’ve had to fly half way around the world from Okinawa Japan to Michigan to be near and support my daughters 8&7 who I just found out have been sexually abused for the past 2 years by their soon to be ex- step father.

I was stupid during my divorce 4 years ago and didn’t fight at all because I just wanted to work things out and get back together to be near my kids. Now I’ve lived through 4 years of hell dealing with their mom and if it wasn’t for my new wife and her support I don’t know what I’d be doing now.

But I do know I will now fight tooth and nail to get my kids away from a woman who cares only for herself and leaves my children in the care of a pedophile while she goes off and pursues her education.

Too all of you who are just starting to split up DO NOT think that it will be amicable and the she will be nice, GO FOR FULL CUSTODY!!!!