At first it does appear to be brutal

At first it does appear to be brutal, over done and that they went in ready to shoot but upon further investigation the weapon was on safe (you can re sample the photo and increase the detail)and his finger is extended and ready but not on the trigger. AND the weapon is held in what is known as the ready position and not the engagement position. Oh and it is pointed to the side and not at anyone. Whose bright idea was it to have photographers in there? They really help a situation don’t they?

In terms of there over-all over use of force….you have to take a moment and put yourself in their position. You’ve gotten mixed reports on the status of weapons actually being in the house or not. You have a “crowd” of all night “vigil-holders” who are part of a group who has vowed to not let the boy be taken by anyone. In this situation I would definitely go for the safe side of operation. I am not justifying the action, I don’t have to, the Miami “family” did that by not returning the child as they had agreed.

Another point of interest: wasn’t it just last Thursday the Miami supporters were all in the streets chanting “..God bless America..”? And aren’t these the same people that tried to riot, that did walk on the American flag, fly it upside down and wrap a trash bag around it?

I guess that’s a good example of disillusionment and the gut reaction to the realization that America is and will always be America regardless if it’s decisions are to your liking or not!

A little Peace to everyone!