There are ways to have support laws changed

How about changing the judges?

Our power in voting can help remove law makers who stubbornly deny fathers support issues.

If the fathers united during voting day and posted issues in demand and list the lawmakers,judges who support these issues and list those who don’t, more fathers may have a better candidate to to elect who can change support laws..

Remember these candidates are at our mercy on voting day!!

Can we really change child support law?

Question, NOT A RANT! Can we really change child support law any time soon? I am curious to see if anyone has any ideas as to what can immediatly be done to change the way child support is determined by the court.

Is there a way possible to get a court date brought about by National Fathers Groups against the US government for unfair practices in their determining of child support? On that said day, is it possible for ALL media to be contacted, and every father who has a say about it to converge on the court house and show support outside?

Just like a civil rights protest, as this is what we a are fighting for, our civil rights and against gender bias. I can go further with this if you like… Let us all stp talking about what they are doing, I want to see if any of us are willing to take action.

Let us collaborate and get a listing of all Fathers associations and a list of all State and Fed reps and EVERYONE join in and get the laws changed NOW. What do you all think? …. if we dream it, we can have it…