Ex Runs off with Our Son!

Just to say the System sucks! If I did that and they found me I’d still be sitting in Jail Facing time.

Just before this all happened I was given information that the Mother of our son was about to flee the City we Live in. I have in the Supreme court of Canada , an Ex-Parte Order of
No Transportation of our son out of the greater city Area, and No moving our Son out of the AREA.

When we got wind of this we returned to Court and to have this Order strengthened. the Judge made it stronger, so that was Friday April 15, 2000 She then fled our area, as I got a Phone call Tip from a Friend, who informed me, I went to 3 police department areas , finally by 6pm they had found her, they gave her the chance to return to comply to the access visitation and only face on charge of contempt under the order, when she did not return Sunday for Visitation they, then contacted her to call her Lawyer, as she had Failed to appear for Condition two of the Order.
then On Monday she calls her Lawyer, her Lawyer calls mine and then says she’s applying for a Access of Move, after the Fact, in breaking 3 court order Contempt.

If I did that I’d be in Jail and never see my son again….

I hope we can drag her back here and face the consequences of her actions. but again she may only get a slap on the wrist and get away with it.
as she has Custody under Merrit, as the Mother,

Biff Canada BC.

I would like to pop something in hear

Personally I am working with a wonderful counselor, She is helping me with stress anger etc. she has suggested books for reading like ‘When I say no I feel guilty’ ‘abusive relationships’ and ‘toxic people’.

She also told me to get a whiffle bat and hit the trash cans or the trees near by. Just let all that anger and hostility go out.

Believe me I didn’t think it would work, but I didn’t do it before then and I ended up in the hospital several days with stress burnout until these things were suggested. Try it