I broadly see the Elian issue as

Personally, I broadly see the Elian issue as:

  1. US Family Law vs. Asylum Law
  2. US vs. Cuba as social environment for children
  3. Whether Reno et al. actually conformed to the “rule of law” in carrying out the raid.

As an final outcome, Elian will either stay in the US (esp. if the Cuban Act is invoked after one year of a dragged out legal motions), or return to Cuba.

In either case, where does that leave American fathers in general? In the final analysis, NOWHERE… – meanwhile, a lot of energy and time will have been expended on Elian. If we had only 10% of the supporters out there, and they became fully informed of the predicament that DADS in FAMILY COURT face each and every day – then something very meaningful and constructive can be accomplished.

People are most healthy when they pro-actively express their beliefs and values. Thus I highly encourage such activities. However, it is essential to BE FOCUSED.

For DADS in FAMILY COURT, that focus must certainly be _US Family Law_.

So don’t get too diverted.

A. Include the club address, on your messages outside the club. (eg. email signature file)
B. Invite other dads who share our concerns. The networked relationships should continue beyond the Elian situation.

One can see the Elian situation as an opportunity to inform the public about the actual workings of the US judicial system as it applies to Family Law, and its adverse consequences on _US_domestic_children_.

PS – Invites have pulled in a lot members… I’ll bet that you are reading this because you yourself were invited.

Welcome to all recent members. THANK YOU!