Gender bias

Gender bias poster child

I’m a single dad that or the most part have been raising my children on my own, to make a long story short I have had full physical custody of my kids for 8 out of the last 11 years and yet child support has been taking everything they can get from me, ie. wages,income tax, pfd’s even though i wrote them explaining that it is hurting the same kids it supposed to be helping.

There reply is its my responsibility to maintain to households, I must say I don’t clear enough anymore to put food on the table between paydays, the kids and I live in a cheep apartment wile my x-wife lives in our (hers now) house, and owns another house that is used as a bed and breakfast, and she is an expert at putting her assets in her family members names so as to hide it.

another words she is rich and I am poor, I have the kids and I must pay her. she has a very good male hating lawyer, and I cant afford one or had any luck finding one that will work for free..

Im so depressed over this that it often makes me cry.