Father's rights

I have been waiting for over four months

I have been waiting for over four months just to have the appeals case scheduled. I have been fighting three years, and in the process, spent thousands and thousands of dollars. I have seen my children be bounced back and forth. I have seen my ex-wife toy with the system to delay processes to her benefit. I have seen my children become frustrated for the length of time it takes to decide custody cases.

Still, while we wait and wonder when this will be over, we have to sit here and see the appeals court in Atlanta schedule Elian Gonzalez ‘s case for May 2000. The whole custody issue for Elian might take about 5 or 6 months. Yes, in that amount of time they will do what has taken me 3 years to do and will possibly have a final decision before our case.

I see all these politicians either defending Elian to stay or defending the ‘Fathers Rights ‘. When was the last time you saw any of these politicians defend the ‘American Fathers Rights ‘? Of course, my children are not little Cuban kids that were picked from the ocean in a horrible ordeal, and I am not a communist being controlled by Castro trying to get my children back; therefore, what good would it do for these politicians to help me speed up my case ‘For the well-being of MY CHILDREN ‘? Someone please explain to me, what is the best interest of my children? Why do they have to see the whole nation move to get Elians case solved and then tell them it might be another year for you?

All custody cases should be solved quickly ‘for the children ‘. Laws should be changed so if a reputable Judge makes a decision, that decision should stand until proven different by the appeals process. A law that allows for a parent who lost a custody case and a petition for a new trial to maintain custody simply by filing for an appeal and lying on the document to assure the process is prolonged should be modified immediately. Maybe it ‘s about time that the government does look out once and for all for ‘THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN ‘.

A Concerned and Frustrated Father (Due to the fact that my case is still in appeals court, please do not give my name, e-mail, or any other information about me to anyone)