Child support / Collections

I have worked with Darnall

His approach is excellent and his book has helped lots of my fathers.
I know that he has done some traveling, but I also suspect the he is on the expensive side.

Our organization works very hard to help fathers with issues of custody. We beleive that the approach taken by most governmental organizations, such as the the typical domestic relations office, and many of the basic republicans who want to see child support collected to the maximum so that the money can go to pay for welfare don’t care about custody issues at all. They just want the money.

Look at the politicians who are upset about the Elian situation. I suggest that these are the same politicians who are behind the responsible fatherhood act. which has nothing to do with fathers getting custody.

Our feelings are that custody is every bit as important as child support. They go hand in hand. Research clearly shows that fathers who receive custody pay their child support. What is so difficult about understanding this equation.
If custody becomes our primary goal, we will also see improved child support collections.