It has been along time since I have posted anything in here

Hi everyone it has been along time since I have posted anything in here. But now I need help, and I need it quickly. Well actually its my procrastinating husband that needs help. Heres the story as short as I can make it. My husband went into court last month for charges of contempt he hadn’t payed his child support for two months while he was moving. Well anyways his lawyer got them to drop the contempt charge because obviously it wouldn’t do anyone any good for my husband to go to jail..

Ok this isn’t the problem he also had it stipulated in the agreement with the ex that My husband had one month to file for a modification of order or he wouldn’t get the chance to again till next year. the judge agreed to this because my husband is currently paying in excess of 500 dollars more then he needs to. Well to make a long story short as we were leaving the courthouse our lawyer told us he would not file the modification unless we came up with 2500 more dollars.

Our lawyer knows our financial situation and knows this was impossible! So my husband called his office the next week and made arrangements with his accounting person to pay 500 a month and a appointment to file the modification . His accounting person said this would be fine. Well they couldn’t get him in for an appointment till last Thursday. One week before it needed to be filed. anyways we got to the appointment and the lawyer says he wont file it he needs money up front.

Mind you this is a week before it has to be filed. Of course we don’t have the money and we told him his accountant said we could make arrangements. He says he doesn’t know what we are talking about but if we call next week he will have an answer for us. So we went and got a paralegal to file the forms for us because we knew he was going to drop us. And he did today.

Can he do this ? can he drop us 2 days before a deadline for something to be filed ? he also isnt on the ball about giving us some paper claiming he isn’t our attorney anymore.WE cant file without it and he is going to be gone tomorrow. he also claims it cant be faxed . Does anyone know if we can get the bar involved? This doesn’t seem right that he can do this. If we cant file our papers we are going to lose 500 dollars a month for the next year!