I have noticed a anti-EX forum from stepmoms

I have noticed a anti-EX forum from stepmoms who enjoy retaliation “when surely deserved” against their hubbies ex-wifes.

The problem is that its this type of “polar” enthusiasm continues rival disputes and future possible stress and anxiety.

It may be hard to accept another persons attitude, but in the long haul its may be better to elude your interest in participating in your hubbys past affairs and current thorn.

I have never heard of such a law

I have never heard of a law requiring anyone to maintain households. If you owe Alimony or back Child Support you can apply to the courts for deferred payment plans. If you currently have possession of the children of the woman who gave birth in who you pay, then simple research can help you discover your resources available to you.

There are community legal services that are available to you that can give you legal council free of charge. If this woman living in better financial statue then her children, there are laws that can help even the balance of family separate households.

If all fails you may have to reconsider your parental duties until you repay your dept in full. Life is only as hard as you allow it to be on you!!

There are ways to have support laws changed

How about changing the judges?

Our power in voting can help remove law makers who stubbornly deny fathers support issues.

If the fathers united during voting day and posted issues in demand and list the lawmakers,judges who support these issues and list those who don’t, more fathers may have a better candidate to to elect who can change support laws..

Remember these candidates are at our mercy on voting day!!

Gender bias poster child

I’m a single dad that or the most part have been raising my children on my own, to make a long story short I have had full physical custody of my kids for 8 out of the last 11 years and yet child support has been taking everything they can get from me, ie. wages,income tax, pfd’s even though i wrote them explaining that it is hurting the same kids it supposed to be helping.

There reply is its my responsibility to maintain to households, I must say I don’t clear enough anymore to put food on the table between paydays, the kids and I live in a cheep apartment wile my x-wife lives in our (hers now) house, and owns another house that is used as a bed and breakfast, and she is an expert at putting her assets in her family members names so as to hide it.

another words she is rich and I am poor, I have the kids and I must pay her. she has a very good male hating lawyer, and I cant afford one or had any luck finding one that will work for free..

Im so depressed over this that it often makes me cry.

If the other parent refuses to go through private mediation

If the other parent refuses to go through private mediation, then demanding it is not going to accomplish very much. Some states require mediation with a court appointed “mediator” (or counselor) prior to the court hearing.

In such cases, the recommendation of the court facilitator is usually adopted. In the courtroom itself, one could point out the difficulties in co-parenting, and ask for co-parenting counseling to be ordered.

Then the other parent is compelled to attend. A refusal to do so would certainly make the other parent look like a lousy co-parent.

However, there is a trade-off in all this for the dad: co-parenting difficulties usually sways custody in favor of the mother… so weigh the balance in your personal situation carefully. PS- coank, since you seem to be in a reading phase, check out our NEWS/Negotiation section (recently added).

Personally I recommend the works of Ury at Harvard Law. Good luck.

Mediation – Can one Party DEMAND it !!!!

I have really been brain dead at this point. And I really am not sure what to do – My ex refused to agree to mediation because of one stupid person’s opinion.

NOW it will be more than the children that will suffer. So here is what I want to know I need to know – In the State of Rhode Island Can I demand that mediation be used even if we have our own attorney’s ?

This is more than serious and quite frankly more than a cry for help.

I would like to pop something in hear

Personally I am working with a wonderful counselor, She is helping me with stress anger etc. she has suggested books for reading like ‘When I say no I feel guilty’ ‘abusive relationships’ and ‘toxic people’.

She also told me to get a whiffle bat and hit the trash cans or the trees near by. Just let all that anger and hostility go out.

Believe me I didn’t think it would work, but I didn’t do it before then and I ended up in the hospital several days with stress burnout until these things were suggested. Try it

Can we really change child support law?

Question, NOT A RANT! Can we really change child support law any time soon? I am curious to see if anyone has any ideas as to what can immediatly be done to change the way child support is determined by the court.

Is there a way possible to get a court date brought about by National Fathers Groups against the US government for unfair practices in their determining of child support? On that said day, is it possible for ALL media to be contacted, and every father who has a say about it to converge on the court house and show support outside?

Just like a civil rights protest, as this is what we a are fighting for, our civil rights and against gender bias. I can go further with this if you like… Let us all stp talking about what they are doing, I want to see if any of us are willing to take action.

Let us collaborate and get a listing of all Fathers associations and a list of all State and Fed reps and EVERYONE join in and get the laws changed NOW. What do you all think? …. if we dream it, we can have it…

I have been waiting for over four months

I have been waiting for over four months just to have the appeals case scheduled. I have been fighting three years, and in the process, spent thousands and thousands of dollars. I have seen my children be bounced back and forth. I have seen my ex-wife toy with the system to delay processes to her benefit. I have seen my children become frustrated for the length of time it takes to decide custody cases.

Still, while we wait and wonder when this will be over, we have to sit here and see the appeals court in Atlanta schedule Elian Gonzalez ‘s case for May 2000. The whole custody issue for Elian might take about 5 or 6 months. Yes, in that amount of time they will do what has taken me 3 years to do and will possibly have a final decision before our case.

I see all these politicians either defending Elian to stay or defending the ‘Fathers Rights ‘. When was the last time you saw any of these politicians defend the ‘American Fathers Rights ‘? Of course, my children are not little Cuban kids that were picked from the ocean in a horrible ordeal, and I am not a communist being controlled by Castro trying to get my children back; therefore, what good would it do for these politicians to help me speed up my case ‘For the well-being of MY CHILDREN ‘? Someone please explain to me, what is the best interest of my children? Why do they have to see the whole nation move to get Elians case solved and then tell them it might be another year for you?

All custody cases should be solved quickly ‘for the children ‘. Laws should be changed so if a reputable Judge makes a decision, that decision should stand until proven different by the appeals process. A law that allows for a parent who lost a custody case and a petition for a new trial to maintain custody simply by filing for an appeal and lying on the document to assure the process is prolonged should be modified immediately. Maybe it ‘s about time that the government does look out once and for all for ‘THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN ‘.

A Concerned and Frustrated Father (Due to the fact that my case is still in appeals court, please do not give my name, e-mail, or any other information about me to anyone)

Best Interest for Children?

I have been in this custody battle for around 3 years now. It is ridiculous to hear the government tell you over and over again ‘What’s important here is the well being of the children’. How is the well being of the children being served when it takes more than 3 years to solve a custody battle? When we finally went to court, we presented our case in front of a judge who heard from school principals, teachers, psychologists, employers, and even had a private, closed-door session with both children. The final decree after those two days of court was ‘Awarding Joint Custody with the Father being the custodial parent’. For those who don’t know what joint custody means, it means that the mother has the right to talk to teachers, doctors, or anyone regarding the children, and help make decisions that affect the children.

When a decision cannot be agreed upon, the custodial parent has the final word. Of course, I went to get my children to take them home with me; however, I was stopped before I could get them because she filed for a new trial and the law in Georgia states that ‘if you file for a new trial, the decision is reverted back to the original decree’, so the children went back to her and we were back to square one. We had her new trial hearing, her lawyer presented her case, mine argued it, and once again, the Judge gave custody to the Father and denied her motion for a new trial. I finally had my children living with me for about two weeks until she filed a petition for an appeal to the Supreme Court in Atlanta. Once again that wonderful law in Georgia that looks out for the best interest of the children, allowed her to take custody once again of the children until the final appeals court decision.

I guess this back and forth is good for the children. She did her petition for an appeal and wrote pretty much anything she wanted there. She lied and twisted things around, and even had the guts to indirectly imply that the Judge was my friend, or I paid him off, and so the Judge was against her from the beginning and never gave her a chance. By the way, this Judge is probably one of, if not the most, honest and respected judge in his district. I assumed that because of her lies on the petition for an appeal, the Supreme Court decided to grant her the right to appeal. Now since the appeals court is backlogged, we have no idea how long this will take. As it is right now, my son will turn 14 this year and he has already expressed that he will be moving in at that time if there is no decision yet. Which brings me to my frustration with the Elian Gonzalez case.

I wish the best for this child and I hope the decisions that will be made are truly the best for him. However, I cannot believe the hypocrisy of politicians, state, federal and other representatives. Again, I understand that the Elian Gonzalez case has a sensitive political situation tied to it, but what an insult to ‘American Fathers and Children‘ who have to wait over three years to get their case heard and decided. How dare this government tell us that the most important thing to them is ‘What is best for the children’. If you look at my case as a sample, and I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of similar situations throughout the nation, how can we even believe in the system? (Continued Page 3)